Why PathSensors

PathSensors is a leading biotechnology solutions and environmental testing company. PathSensors provides high speed, high sensitivity, pathogen and threat detection solutions.

PathSensors’ solutions can detect a wide range of threats, including anthrax, ricin, Ebola and salmonella. PathSensors' technology supports a growing library of threat detection capabilities and can be expanded to meet emerging and specific threat detection requirements. Our team of scientists are working with top academic institutions and government research agencies on some of the most important challenges in bio-security.

PathSensors’ technology is being used today by government and commercial customers for multiple applications, including:

• Defense and homeland security - CBRNE
• Environmental monitoring
• Mail room screening
• Food safety
• Plant and agricultural safety and testing
• First responder threat detection
• Public health
• Medical Counter Measures

PathSensors’ innovative BioFlash and Zephyr detection systems use CANARY® technology licensed from the MIT-Lincoln Laboratory. In independent tests by U.S. government labs, PathSensors’ CANARY® technology was shown to be superior to alternative technologies in terms of sensitivity and speed of detection.

To learn more, contact us at info@pathsensors.com.